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PrinterThe way the materials work is unique. You may download the materials and choose your preferences; subsequently it gives you the authorization to print it as many times you want. It is unlimited! Once you buy, you multiply. The materials are yours to use. Please review our Terms and conditions for our copyright policy before sharing your purchased material.

The materials are tagged by "units", a familiar term in the Montessori decimal system.

These Montessori materials are used by parents, teacher-guides as well as school administrators, for work or practice, at home or in the classroom.

Other materials are always in preparation and we make them available on e-Montessori website as they are ready to show. Just have a regular look!

ContributeCONTRIBUTE: If you are interested in offering your own Montessori materials and services through the e-Montessori website, you may visit the classifieds or become one of our contributors.

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