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Welcome to e-montessoriThis site originated from a team of Montessori educators in order to provide services to the Montessori communities around the world as inspired by the message chiseled upon Dr. Maria Montessori’s grave:

"United with the children for the building of peace in man and in the world”

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The free membership and open to everyone has been created to give access to a wealth of resources, to enthuse and to sustain the development of successful genuine Montessori schools booming around this planet.

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The services offered by are geared towards Montessori school administrators, Montessori teacher-guides, Montessori assistant-teachers, Montessori parents, Montessori Board members, Montessori leaders and Montessori student-teachers to impart a sense of a global community and interest of a get-together and an exchange of services through a one and only site.


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